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Adyadashu Engineering Solutions

We are a young company which deals mainly with product engineering. Our focus is to be innovative in-terms of product design and product sales. We strategize to make the product more cost effective and provide quality services.

Our main focus areas are following

  • New product design and development

  • CAD services

  • Prototype development

  • Hand moulds for rubber and plastic components

  • Info graphics design

  • Product distribution

  • Product servicing

  • Product assembly and testing

Engineering services

We take up the complete responsibility of the product design and prototype development starting from requirement elicitation to development and testing. We can also support on tooling and reliability testing, EMI and EMC testing and certification.

We are specialized in the area of electro mechanical products and core mechanical manual products. This would include Industrial design, motor selection, PCB design, Embedded software development, prototype development and functional testing. We can offer very cost effective solutions or support to these project as there is least overheads in the company. The complete development process time would be bare minimum as there is not much process or dependency is involved.

We make the complete design in CAD softwares such as Catia or Pro/E.We have good connect with local suppliers for prototype development, CNC machining, milling and tooling. Also, with testing consultants for electronics and reliability testing. We have internal facility or lab for carrying out assembly and functional testing.

We provide CAD output as assembly files, part files, manufacturing drawings, assembly sequence documents as deliverables along with functional working samples.

Product Sales

We select the product based on the need of local market and market trends. We reach out the people and see what makes the product to sell effectively and faster. Based on the market analysis, we select the products and focus on selling.

We form a team which work based on the marketing strategy and reach out the people with the information on need of the product. We also put some stalls and advertise the products in the busy localities.

We will understand the product technically too to reach out the customers effectively. If required, we will provide the demo for the product on free of cost and provide service support.