Car Vacuum Cleaner

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Car Vacuum Cleaner

Key Features

  • Wet & Dry Auto Vacuum Cleaner

  • 12v Dc Cigarette Lighter

  • 60w Power

  • Washable Filter

  • Designed For Easy To Use

  • Capacity Of The Dust:0.5l

  • Air Flow:15 L/min

  • Working Time: Lasting 2 Hours Available

  • Cleaning Object: Dust/powder/particulates

  • Working Environment: Dry & Wet

  • Item Dimension: 350*85*150mm

Usage Method:

  • Put the power line connector into the car cigarette lighter plug and turn on the switch or the car key.

  • Put the air entry cling tightly to the surface of your car and start cleaning the dust and powder. If necessary, you could fix the dust cleaning nozzle or water cleaning nozzle on dry & wet auto vacuum cleaner for further cleaning task.

  • After using, kindly please press the upper button and take off the front crust, then take out the filter net and clean up the litter in the filter, finally fix it on for next use


  • When using the car vacuum cleaner, please fix the filter on the vacuum cleaner firstly.

  • Do not use for cleaning gasoline, tinder and burning things, such as burning cigarette.

  • Do not take off front crust when using.

  • This item is not toy, please keep away from children in case of danger.

  • Usually, it could work for half an hour continuously and have no influence to your car battery.

Importance of using car vacuum cleaner in a car

EPA health research tells us that dust can cause health problems especially when AC (air conditioner) is kept on. AC makes the inside air to circulate inside the car and micro dusts or invisible dust particles can start circulating or spreading inside the car. People with heart and lung disease and those with breathing problems can be impacted when inhaling dust. Even healthy people can have short term irritation when breathing dust.

Health Problems Associated With Dust:

  • Aggravates existing heart and lung disease

  • Damages lung tissue

  • Mostly impacts children, seniors, people with asthma, people with heart conditions

Please Note:Incase, cigarette lighter socket is not available in your car you can buy this in any automobile shop for very less cost.