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This is a wonderful world. We live here with a joy and nature richness which god has gifted us. Throughout our life we keep knowing new things, learning new subjects and experiencing un-thought topics.

We keep wondering about the world with a lot of questions such as how this world would have originated?

What made this world so vast?

How each of its elements are related and how do they function?

What are the facts and fusions? Etc.,

Many time we know the things in fractions; there will be always some gaps and we are not able to connect the gaps due to non-comprehensive understanding like, we know earth is rotating on its axis but which direction! Whether clockwise or anti clockwise? Why there are seasonal climates? etc.

We know world is so vast that it is next to impossible to learn or know everything but most important is to learn about its origin, structure, functioning and facts.

Hence under the title of Know your World, basic know-how about the world is brought using 3D animations and real space photos captured during the space explorations. It is narrated such that the subject is told sequentially so that the viewer can understand with ease and effectiveness.

Especially for school children, this would be a very important learning and helps for comprehensive understanding. All the topics are based on scientific observation and true facts.

Content :

1. Introduction :

  • What is Space science?

  • Why Space study is important?

  • What is the Universe and its size?

2. Origin of Universe :

  • How the universe is originated or born?

  • How its elements are formed?

  • How they are related?

3. Galaxies :

  • What are galaxies?

  • Different types of Galaxies

  • How they are explored?

  • How do they function?

4. Milky Way Galaxy :

  • How it was explored?

  • Facts and figures

  • How it functions?

5. Stars :

  • How they are formed?

  • Different types of stars

  • Life duration

  • How do the die?

  • How do they function?

6. Nebulae :

  • How they are formed?

  • Different types of nebulae

  • How do they function?

7. Pulsars :

  • How they are formed?

  • How do they function?

8. Solar System :

  • How do they function?

  • Important elements of Solar system

  • Details on Sun and it’s environment

  • Where it is located in Milky Way Galaxy?

9. Planets :

  • Details on each Planet

  • Details on environment

  • Details on their surface

10. Asteroids :

  • What are Asteroids?

  • How they have formed?

  • Impact of they colliding Earth

11. Meteorites :

  • What are Meteorites?

  • How they are different from Asteroids?

  • Impact of they colliding Earth

12. Comets :

  • What are Comets?

  • Why do they have tail?

  • Why they are not seen everyday?

What are the important features of this program?

  • The program is based on true facts explored during the space exploration.

  • Contents are presented sequentially for better and comprehensive understanding.

  • Images are true photos captured by satellites and space exploring devices available in NASA and other popular websites.

  • Complete program is narrated in local language for easy learning and understanding.

Why it is important for students?

  • From lower primary to secondary class students have to deal with astronomy or space related lessons. In the current phenomena students are exposed to in deferent media such as internet and televisions but student would not get complete understanding as the topics are told or presented in bits and pieces. With this program as all the topics on space are covered sequentially with basic structures and functions students can learn, understand effectively.

  • Students especially from small cities and rural areas are not able to visit places like planetorium would lack the opportunity of visualizing space and its objects. By this program students can watch the space topics at their school along with teachers and get clarified the doubts and questions related to space. This would help the rural students to be in par with big city students.

What is the total duration of this program?

  • About 3 hours

How to present this program effectively?

  • Entire program can be presented in steps. We recommend to present this program in each class by giving an introduction by teacher on the topic followed by 15 minutes presentation of topic. After the topic is presented there should be an open discussion between teacher and students.